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Why Should I Shovel My Driveway Immediately?

Street Scene After a Heavy Snowfall

Keep your family and property safe by shoveling your driveway!

Maryland received its first recorded snowfall of the season just last week, averaging 1-2 inches in some areas and anywhere from 6-12 inches in others. Residents of the East Coast strapped on their snow boots, zipped up their parkas and headed into the cold to remove that fresh blanket of snow from their walkways. Some homeowners prefer to sip their hot cocoa and let nature do her work in the melting department, but those who do may pay the price.

Shoveling is the Law

Depending on where you live, property owners may face legal obligations to keep their property clean, safe, and ice-free. If you choose to sit back and enjoy the views from the comfort of your home, you could be liable to pay a fine or even risk the chance of facing a lawsuit. You’re responsible for the snow and ice on your property, but also for any public walkways that are a part of your land.

Protect Your Vehicle

If you don’t own a garage, then your parked car will be sitting in the deep snow every night. This exposes the underside of your car to moisture for extended periods, increasing your vehicle’s chances of developing rust.  Deicing agents on the roads are corrosive and will hasten the damage to the underside of your car as well.

Protect Your Sidewalk/Driveway

If you choose to skip the shoveling, you could potentially damage your driveway. The melting snow seeps into the cracks and crevices of your driveway. When the water in those cracks freezes, it expands and causes damage.


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