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While each of these solutions offers its own benefits, liabilities, and trade-offs, with a Design & Build company you are likely to achieve the best outcome, especially if the firm has good design and construction departments. We believe in having, under one roof, both the design and the construction. A design / build model connects both the phases of planning and execution under one firm's umbrella. With Creative Spaces Remodeling, we provide both design and production on-deck and ready to help you with your project.

We believe that both design and construction should be under one company. A design/build model links the planning and production phases. A renovation project succeeds or fails in both the planning phase (design) and the production phase (construction). We see every project as two very integrated opportunities to build your project twice–once on paper, and then in reality. With that in mind, let’s look at the 3 models in more detail.

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