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Series 2 of 5: The Design Phase

Man drawing a blue print of house in nature

Series 2 of 5: The Design Phase

Last week, we discussed the first step of our system in “Concept and Budget” which took us through the beginnings of your remodeling project. In the second part of this series, we’ll get more into the nitty-gritty of our unique remodeling system. After we’ve met with you, learned about your motives for a redesign, and discussed a budget, it’s time to…

Get to Work

We’ll send a professional out to your home to take measurements and photos of the existing space. During this time, we will also assess the foundation, electrical, plumbing, mechanical systems and any structural or site concerns. Much as we discussed last week, our professionals will listen to anything you have to say regarding your project. That means that if you and your partner thought of a new aspect of your design, or a new worry, our design therapists will be there to take this into consideration.

After we’ve measured the walls, floors, cabinets, etc., we’ll draw the up the “as-builts”. These are drawings of your home and they’re a critical starting point to the development strategy for accomplishing your new design. We’ll then start creating preliminary drawings with solutions to your shared challenged, desires, and budget.

Meet and Assess

Just to make sure that everyone is on the same page and your vision is clearly understood, we’ll meet yet again to review the preliminary design drafts and evaluate the direction of the new designs and their impact on your budget. This is another great moment for us to discuss your remodeling dream, and for us to offer helpful suggestions.

These first steps in your home remodeling process are just as important as the construction itself. Before we hammer the first nail into the wall, we want to know that we have a thorough understanding of what you want and what you need. During this time, we’ll get to know each other well through our meetings, phone calls, and other corresponding. It’s our hope that these chats will enable us to design your home in a way that makes it as specific as possible to your needs. The aspects of your family that makes you so special are the same aspects we want to include in the design of your new home.


Get in contact with Creative Spaces Remodeling, a trusted remodeling contractor, today with any questions about remodeling projects, or to schedule a thorough consultation. Serving Maryland one successful construction project at a time, a professional home remodeling contractor keeps your goals at the center of our services.

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