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Prepare Your Home For Those Sweltering Dog Days With HVAC Maintenance


Protect your loved ones from heatstroke during the hottest days of the year!

Here in Maryland, experiencing 90-100 degree days is common, especially in the blistering months of June, July and August. Relaxing by the pool or cooling down in your shaded outdoor porch is hard if your central air starts malfunctioning. You don’t want the stifling, suffocating heat creeping indoors during the hottest months of the year. Heat exhaustion is a risk that needs to be taken seriously. If you’re experiencing heavy sweating, rapid pulse, confusion, dizziness, and muscular cramping seek shelter from the heat immediately. Considered a medical emergency, neglecting to do so will lead to deadly heat stroke. If your central air stops working during the hottest days of the year, you and your children are far more likely to experience heat stress. Understanding and learning how to keep your home’s HVAC system running will keep your loved ones safe. If you don’t already have a HVAC system installed in your house, then you could easily check out someone like Cary, NC HVAC contractor to help you out.

Checking Air Filters Monthly

Air filters protect your heating and cooling systems from foreign bodies such as dust and pet dander. Your air conditioner pulls air from the return grille which houses these air filters. Over time, your filters will collect so much dirt, grime, hair, and particles that a dust barrier forms. With less and less air passing over the evaporator coil, the cooling mechanism, the HVAC unit’s compressor becomes irreparable. With a broken compressor, your outdoor unit needs to be replaced. If this happens you will need a home heating system repair. To prevent this from happening at the most inopportune moments, and keep you and your loved ones safe from this summer’s high heat index, check you air filters every month. If your filter has lost its slight transluscence, it’s time to replace it.

Cleaning Goes A Long Way

There is an indoor and outdoor unit that make up your central ventilation system. Your indoor unit transforms hot indoor air to cool air using a refrigerant. The refrigerant releases heat via your outside unit with the help of the compressor and fan. If debris get caught in your outdoor air conditioning unit, it cannot disperse this heat from the refrigerant. Constantly struggling to meet your home’s temperature, your air conditioning will shut off if you don’t consistently clean the area surrounding your outdoor unit and the inevitable debris accumulation.

Increase The Lifespan Of Your Equipment

The harder you make your HVAC system work, the shorter its lifespan. Early burnout and failure will have you spending more money than the cost of preventative maintenance. Regular filter changes and cleaning keeps your HVAC system performing vigorously, especially when you need it most!

Protecting Your Family and Investments With A Home Renovation Contractor

In order to maintain the beauty of your home renovations keeping your HVAC system running smoothly is important! Protect your loved ones and investments from heat damage during these scorching upcoming months. Get in contact with Creative Spaces Remodeling, a trusted home renovation contractor, today with any questions about home improvement, or to schedule a thorough consultation. Serving Maryland one successful construction project at a time, a professional home renovation contractor keeps your home improvement goals at the center of our services.

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