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How To Navigate Your Designs During COVID-19

The sudden changes in your everyday life can have you feeling a bit stressed, especially when you realize working from home in your living room with little to no privacy is exhausting. Oh, how I wish I had an in-home office right about now! 

Not to mention, staying at home can have you wishing you had just done that kitchen project last year so you could have that big island for your family to sit around. Perhaps you're ready to create that outdoor living space so you can enjoy the sunrise and fresh spring air while you shoot out your Monday morning e-mails. 

Here is a message from John Johnson, President, and Founder of Creative Spaces Remodeling about how we can help you begin your project during the COVID-19 quarantine. Find out how you can start your remodeling project with Creative Spaces Remodeling by calling us at 410-490-5917 or visit our website


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