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Fall Means Fertilization


Fall is the best time to fertilize your lawn!

There was some really lovely weather here this past week. The humidity lifted and we were all able to enjoy a few sunny, mild days. The sun set earlier every day and the kids went back to school. It’s time to pack away those wide-brimmed hats and beach towels, and prepare our homes for fall.

For homeowners fall means a little more than pumpkins and witches. The coming of fall also means that it’s time to fertilize our lawns. We know that fertilizing now will strengthen our plants’ and lawns’ roots, giving them a strong base to grow and thrive next spring.

What to Use

Before you go off to the store and purchase any fertilizer, you need to understand the formula. This is represented by 3 numbers, such as the common 5-10-5. The first number represents nitrogen; this promotes lawn blade and foliage growth. The second number represents phosphorus, this helps root growth, and the third represents potassium, which promotes cell function. So when deciding on a fertilizer make sure to figure out what it is that your grass and plants need.

After August, your grass is recovering from summer of heat and sun exposure. You need to start with a shot of nitrogen to promote blade growth. The way your grass grows during the fall will determine how protected it is during winter. Choose a fertilizer with a formula of 20-8-8 to get it growing again. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended rate of application.

After September, another application will be necessary to keep your grass healthy. During late fall, apply a formula of 13-25-12 in order to stimulate growth through November and early December. A healthy lawn will be more resistant to disease and drought.


Once you ensure that your lawn is well taken care of, it’s time to focus on your plants. Your perennials are starting to fade, and will benefit from 0-20-0 fertilizer to give your phosphates a super boost. This will ensure stronger plants with more flowers in the spring.

Fall is the best time to plant bulbs, ensuring flowers for spring! Fall planting allows the seeds to settle into your site during winter, resulting in earlier blooms!

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