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Design Tips for Your She Shed

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Design Tips for Your She Shed

Tips for how to create your perfect she shed.

For years now Man Caves have experienced a steady increase in popularity. However, the She Shed is an emerging and rapidly growing trend in creative home engineering. It is the female-centric alternative to the Man Cave. While Man Caves typically occupy the garage or are situated in a basement, She Sheds tend to be detached structures, located in the backyard. Wondering how you can design a She Shed? Here are some tips to create a beautiful retreat from the rest of the world. Some people decide to get a new garden shed to prepared for the design process.

A Backyard Haven for Her

She shed offer a true sanctuary for busy moms, working women, artists, or anyone seeking a little refuge from the craziness of everyday life and all they need is a shed builder to get them started. Often modeled after tiny homes, they are a perfect destination designed to inspire art, hobbies, meditation and yoga, gardening, and other creative pursuits. The motif is usually a direct reflection of a woman’s personality. You can convert an existing outbuilding structure, or build from scratch. Additionally, your She Shed can be designed to fit within any budget. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Enhanced Natural Light Because the sheds/portable sheds are located outside the home, many women like to take advantage of the natural lighting. To do so, use an array of windows, or a sliding glass patio door. The climate where you live will determine whether you choose fixed or operational window units. This idea could be perfect for artist studios or meditation and yoga spaces.

  2. Add a Patio, Pergola, or Deck Interested in using your She Shed as a place to entertain your girlfriends? Why not extend the space by adding an attractive outdoor area. Consider a covered deck or flagstone patio. Want a little cover, but still an open space? Design an attached or detached pergola. These outdoor areas can also be build up to include bars and fire pits — an ideal sanctum to gather with a glass of wine, or cocoa by the fire under the stars and catch up with your best friends.

  3. Calming Water Feature Nothing could be more relaxing than a tranquil fountain. The sound of flowing water is said to create a positive emotional response. Therefore, adding a water feature to your She Shed means even more peace and positivity to your retreat. Depending upon your budget it could be as simple as a wall hanging or a stream flowing moat around your structure.

  4. Green Roof Maximize a tiny backyard with a Shed Shed roof full of edibles. Plant herbs and vegetables to enjoy all summer and into the fall. Not into active gardening? Consider using sod, or even planting low-maintenance perennials. Plus, the dirt and plants offer additional insulation. Thus, keeping your space cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

  5. Clever Shelves and Storage Because your She Shed is a smaller space, you can get super creative with storage and display shelves. Shift your mindset from utilitarian shelves and cabinets to the transformative. This is your chance to go wild! Research designs that have hidden and multiple purposes, such as foldaway tables and chairs.

  6. Treat Yo’Self Stumped on how and where to begin creating your peaceful sanctuary? Contact Creative Spaces. We will work with you design your She Shed as a perfect expression of you. You Deserve it! Let our creative home engineering team help you build your ideal space to relax and escape from the hectic world. Treat Yo’Self! Schedule your consultation today.


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