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A Guide to Your First Meeting With a Remodeling Contractor


Take a look at our fool-proof customer satisfaction guarantee!

As remodeling contractors, we have a proven 10-step consultation guide that is guaranteed to help you through your personalized home improvement projects with no headaches! High communication is key to well-delivered results. Here at Creative Spaces Remodeling, we strive to ask all the right questions so we know exactly the size, scope, and materials needed to make your vision a reality. Without a well-informed consultation, often times remodeling projects can be a nightmare. We’ve formulated our step-by-step consultation because of this. With frequent redesigning and reconvening, we will not begin the construction process until we are 100% certain you are completely satisfied with our plans. Preparing for a consultation is easy with Creative Spaces Remodeling. Let’s go over the different home renovation services we offer, and take a closer look at the step-by-step consultation process we implore to create your dream home.

An In-Depth Look At Our Remodeling Contractor Consultation Process

Developed by Creative Spaces Remodeling Founder and President, John Johnson, our consultation method is foolproof. Guaranteed to deliver the best results, and proven to deliver customer satisfaction, we’ll take the time to explain the process to you so you know what to expect.

Getting to Know You

This is our way of getting to know you. We will schedule a meeting with you in order to understand your vision. It will help if you describe certain elements of home design that are important to you. For example, if you like warm lighting, be sure to let us know! If open, breathable space is your style, or you like to incorporate a lot of natural light we will listen. We’ll also want to know why you’re renovating. Whether you’re trying to sell your home, increase its value on the market, or are feeling adventurous letting us know the purpose behind your remodeling process will help deliver the best design possible for you. Describing what exactly you dislike about your current design will keep us on the right track as well. Knowing what to avoid will keep you satisfied when the finished product is revealed. Hate how cramped your kitchen feels? Tell us! Can’t stand the outdated wallpaper or paint job in your living room. We’ll be sure to get rid of it for you! This is very much a meet and greet. Don’t be shy, tell us your like and dislikes!

Taking The Right Measurement

In order to create an accurate, feasible, and realistic home design plan, we’ll need to take some measurements. The second step of our consultation process involves physically coming into your home and with professional grade tape measurers and cameras. We’ll take photos of the renovation area for reference, and spend a lot of time crouched over in corners calculating the dimensions of your current designed and using these to gauge what we can creatively install in the space provided to us.

Mapping It Out

This is the drawing board phase! We’ll make a physical map of all the current physical installations in the remodeling space. By doing so, Creative Spaces Remodeling is able to build a starting point, if you will, in which the development strategy is based. Accomplishing a new design involves working around an existing one. As remodeling experts, we are very aware of this. Once the existing state of the renovation space is drawn, we will create another design plan with solutions based on the information gathered from you during the meet and greet stage. Do you hate that outdated tile in your bathroom? Don’t worry, during the mapping phase, we’ll trash those and replace them with a material more suiting to your vision and budget.

Let’s Reconvene

After we’ve mapped out your design plans on paper, of course we’re going to go over it with you first before beginning the construction phase. We need to make sure you are on the same page as us, so this phase will include your evaluation of our plans. We want you to be critical! This is going to be what your new home looks like, so speaking up and communicating to us what you don’t like will only help us create the perfect remodeled space for you. We’ll also go over how our design will affect your budget. Telling us when an idea is a little too pricey, not pricey enough or affects your budget in any way will keep us on the right track. Constructive criticism is a good thing!

Perfecting Your Design

If during the meet and assess phase, you express any concern about our design, we will tweak it for you in step 5. We will also start to bring in the necessary crew to provide cost analyses. For example, a team of subcontractors who focus on framing, electricity, plumbing, or mechanics will be there to give you a detailed estimate on how specific additions to your design will affect budget. If you’re installing new lighting, an electrician will ensure it meets certain standards and tell you how much it should be. If you’re remodeling your bathroom and getting a new toilet, a plumber will be sure to walk you through the process and give you an estimated cost of the renovation. This step is very important to your budgeting needs. We want to give you as much information, from a qualified team of experts, as possible.

Revise, Revise, Revise

We will return to you, once more, after designs have been tweaked, and the necessary professionals have been asked to come give cost analyses. We will discuss your budget with you once more, and triple check that all design plans are approved first. Once you give us the go-ahead, we will prepare a contract for you to sign. The construction phase does not begin until the project meets your unique vision and budgeting needs. Step 6 will repeat itself as many times as necessary until you are satisfied.

The Permit Process

Once the contract is signed by you, we’ll need to get permission from the county in order to proceed. The permit process is extremely important because if you don’t follow specific homeowner guidelines put in place by your local authority, you may be asked to remove all renovations. Imagine how devastating that would be. This is why, hiring a professional is your best option. We are well aware of all building permit requirements, and once the specific permits associated with your individualized home remodeling project are approved, any additional modifications requested by the county are added. At this point in the design phase, we will have working construction drawings. These are the drawings we will be using as a reference for the design itself. So they are, essentially, a physical representation of your new space!

The Preparation Phase!

Now that we have a referenceable map filled with concrete measurements, a cost analysis, and permit approval from your local authority, we’ll start prepping the area of your home for construction. Get excited, because we’ll be that much closer to making your vision a tangible reality! This is very a much a collecting of necessary materials phase for us. So, we will also be sure to pay attention to specific materials and their order times, purchase the necessary paint colors, physically plan for remodeling.

The Construction Phase!

We’ve finally arrived there! The construction phase begins. During this phase you will be informed of the duration of the project and we will discuss the cost of the entire product with you. Sit back and relax as we get our hands dirty for you! Stay confident as you watch the experts slowly transform your kitchen into that modern, gas-powered beast you’ve always wanted it to be.

Enjoy your finished product

Step back, look around, and revel in your newly remodeled space based exactly on your own design, style and taste. Bask in the knowledge that you’ve provided a comfortable space for yourself completely adhering to your definition of ‘home.’ All of it has been completed within your budget, according to your standards, and with you preferences in mind. You will not be disatisfied.

We Provide Remodeling Versatility!

Now that we’ve given you a more in-depth detailing of our 10-step customer satisfaction guarantee, let’s take a look at the specific remodeling services Creative Spaces Remodeling can offer you. With extensive experience in bathroom remodeling, we’ll throw those rusty sinks away and replace them with shining chrome beauties! Stop setting your toothbrush on that ugly, cheap faux-marble countertop and replace it with something cleaner and real! Whatever your needs, Creative Spaces Remodeling offers the best knowledge on bathroom renovation and will rip up that mildewed tiles you have no use for anymore! We also repair kitchens, focus on waterfront home renovation, interior design, outdoor additions, and entire home renovation as well.

Get in contact with us today with any questions about your remodeling project, or to schedule a thorough consultation. Serving Maryland one successful construction project at a time, Creative Spaces Remodeling keeps your home improvement goals at the center of our services.

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