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4 Ways to Maximize Kitchen Space

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Whether you live in Baltimore City or New York City, your kitchen might lack the conventional square footage needed to create an ideal cooking space. Updating your appliances is just the first step towards maximizing space, but are you taking advantage of every nook and cranny in the room? Discover how you can turn your small kitchen into a functional and elegant space. You may find the incorporation of marvin patio doors provides the illusion of space you were after whilst also adding an open plan nature to the kitchen. Patio doors are an effective way of connecting the outside world to the inside and where better to put this bridge than the kitchen.

Think “Upside” the Box

Popular design techniques entail spreading items throughout a house in order to fill a space. However, when the room is smaller than average, it’s better to think “up” rather than “out.” Take advantage of the height of the room, and purchase tall storage to maximize space. Don’t worry about placing items out of reach! A small, discreet stepping stool will quickly become your best friend.

Function Over Fancy

If a decorative item in your kitchen is currently taking up space without adding a functional purpose, it’s time to find it another home. Choosing function over decorating doesn’t mean that you can’t have a beautiful kitchen. It simply implies that when it comes to a small space, every item should have a purpose.

Whistle as You Work

When you have a small kitchen, it’s best not to let pots and pans pile up. Not only will this tactic provide you with less of a mess to clean up after dinner, but it will allow for you to move around your kitchen with ease!

Consider a Remodel

If you simply can’t deal with the small size of your kitchen, it’s time for a remodel! Your needs change as you age, and pretty soon no amount of creative storage will provide you with the space you need. It’s time to consult an experienced and talented remodeling team.

Call Creative Spaces Remodeling

At Creative Spaces, we strive to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with every project we complete. We listen to your needs and create a design that will give you the lifestyle you’ve been after! If you’re ready to start the design process, give us a call or visit our website today! Creative Spaces Remodeling removes the uncertainty and stress of remodeling your home with our proven step-by-step system, developed over owner John Johnson’s 30 years in the industry. You can count on us to be direct, detail-oriented, and flexible from start to finish, to create the remodel that matches your desires and needs.

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