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Upgrade with Architectural Details

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

architectural details

Upgrade with Architectural Details

When it comes to remodeling your home and creating a unique style, the devil is in the details. You can create a living space with great character by upgrading with architectural details. They add visual interest, define certain building styles and types, and often showcase superior craftsmanship and architectural design. Additionally, regardless of your home’s style or your budget, there are endless options to give your project eye-catching character. Here are some examples of architectural details you can integrate into your next remodeling concept.

Make an Entrance

First impressions mean everything, right? Create an eye-catching entryway by adding interest and texture with trim work. Therefore, consider dramatic archways with detailed trim as a way to graceful invite friends and family into your home.

Exciting Walls

  1. Use decorative molding to suggest panels with a technique called picture framing.

  2. Consider crown molding as a great way to uplift a room and create an elegant touch.

  3. Chair rail is another classy detail that offers both form and function. It can be applied in many ways, at many different heights, achieving either a classic or modern appeal.

Fabulous Flights

Re-design and incorporate your staircase as a grand entryway worthy of any Hollywood starlet. You can give your staircase a facelift and achieve great results with a few changes. Consider replacing the newel, which is the vertical support at the center of a circular staircase. Or swap out the spindles or the handrail or the supporting post at the bottom of the handrail.

Walls Worthy of Attention

Add interesting appeal with wainscotting. This detail is leagues above the old paneling of yesteryears. There are many different patterns and styles available, all of which lend the perfect persona to the style of your home. From New England beach cottage to traditional colonial elegance, there is a wainscotting for that! And, as an added bonus, for damp areas such as bathrooms or laundry rooms, wainscotting is even available in urethane beadboard. It is a low-maintenance material that will never rot or warp.

Design Integration

Consider form and function when designing every aspect of your remodel. This is most useful in workspaces like the kitchen. Integrate a clunky range hood by blending it into the rest of the room with elegant appliques and trim that flow with the surrounding cabinets. Use cabinet panels on appliances like the dishwasher or refrigerator.

The Ceiling is the Celebrity

Don’t forget to look up as you create your room redesign. You can add elegance, grace and artful drama, as well as convey a specific architectural style all with your ceiling! Use sturdy reclaimed wood beams to avoid a washed out appearance and instantly create a rustic cozy feel, no matter the size of the space. In the dining room, dress up a plain ceiling with beadboard panels and trim for a distinctive formal elegance.

The Fireplace Is the Centerpiece

Years ago, the fireplace was the necessary centerpiece of the room as it provided a heat source. Nowadays consider it as the source of cozy conversation merry memories with friends and family. Invite everyone to gather round by allowing the fireplace to set the tone for the entire room. Create classic appeal with flanking columns. Or give the room a beach cottage air with whitewashed bricks. Install a dramatic mantlepiece.

Elegant Transitions

Columns and pilasters are an elegant and practical way to separate a room without using walls. Columns are either round or square and stand on their own, while pilasters are attached to a wall or part of the dwelling. Use them as load-bearing elements. Or, as visual additions that open up the living space and give your home an opulent feel.

Lighting Coves

An excellent residential lighting consultant will tell you that lighting coves are an ideal way to create a warm space. Using this detail you can to shine up to accentuate a vaulted ceiling or direct down on a painting or displayed art. Create an architectural detail using light by boxing in a lighting cover around floor or ceiling joists.

Door and Window Trim

You can say a lot with your door and window trim. This is especially true for older architecturally dramatic homes, like Victorian or Colonial styles. Door and window trim is a must for that traditional handcrafted style. Consider raw cedar as an effective way to frame windows and doors for a rustic look. With this detail, you can achieve quite a dramatic effect.

Creative Spaces understands how architectural details are an essential element that elevates your project and makes your home unique. We know the devil is in the details! As part of our commitment to our clients, we believe in integrity, excellence, and passion from design conception to completion.


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