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The Year In Review: Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2016

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Happy New Year!

Should auld acquaintance be forgot! The New Year means letting go of the past and welcoming the future with open arms. Before we ship off into 2017 let’s take a look back at the last year, and see how it shaped the bathroom remodeling world.


Tile came back in 2016, and we’re happy it did. With new elegant styles that blend classic themes with modern times, tile became a favorite accent for many homeowners. Tile added a sense of creativity to bathroom remodeling projects that you just can’t find in every home. You may want to check out somewhere like Cutting Edge Flooring Services website if you want to add some tiles into your home’s bathroom.


Metallics have always been a great way to add sparkle to a bathroom, but 2016 saw metallics used a little differently than before. Rather than simply lining the mirror in gold or silver paint, metallics were featured as part of the sink, light fixtures, and even the toilet.


This 2016 trend will most likely continue for years to come. Heated floors are a great way for homeowners to cut heating costs and add value to their home. It’s certainly a luxury, but the feeling of a warm floor on your toes can’t be beat!


Technology advances every year, and that means new gadgets for the bathroom. In 2016, we were introduced to water-resistant music systems, streaming Bluetooth systems, and other amazing audio and visual devices. Now you can take a bath and command your favorite playlist without getting out of the tub!


Designing your bathroom to mimic a zen garden you visited in Thailand isn’t a new trend. That being said, in 2016, we saw many homeowners incorporating contemporary themes into their peaceful bathrooms. Designers combined the peaceful appeal of a luxury spa with features such as ultra-clear glass. You might also want to look at design of your bathroom to see if you able to change it’s layout when looking towards your future of retirement, with places such as AHM installations able to help you with the changes that you may need to make your bathroom more accessible.



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