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The Hottest Finishes in Today’s Luxury Bathrooms

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Whether your day begins with a hot shower or ends with a relaxing soak, ensure that you equip your master bath with all of the modern day amenities. Designers are moving away from the ultra contemporary themes of 2017 and creating classic furniture and finishes with present-day touches. Are you looking to update your Chesapeake Bay Waterfront home? Learn how to bring your master bath into the new year. 


Freestanding Tubs

The freestanding tub has always been a luxurious addition to any master bath, but innovative designs now provide homeowners with more options. Adjustments in engineering allow for a more comfortable soak, while creative designs offer versatility.

Natural Materials

Life is pleasant on the water. Aside from the fresh bay breeze and the perfect summer weather, it’s nice to wake up to nature every day. By incorporating natural materials into your master bath, you can enjoy the rustic essence of the outdoors while you bathe. Many natural materials are also ecologically friendly, a trend of growing importance.

Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers and wet rooms are replacing the standard shower. The extra space allows homeowners to relax during their daily shower routine, while wide glass panels add a luxurious appeal. Consider two or more showerheads to further improve your bathing experience.

An Extended Living Space

The master bath doesn’t have to look like a bathroom. Designers are incorporating practical and stylish touches to create additional living space. By adding a couch or vanity, the bathroom doubles as a relaxing spa to pamper oneself.

Textures/ Layers

The modern-day homeowner doesn’t have to stick to a consistent material. Designers are now mixing materials to create texture and layers throughout the space. Natural materials look beautiful paired with crystal taps, while marble shines paired with gold or brass embellishments.

Looking to Remodel Your Chesapeake Bay Waterfront Home? Creative Spaces Can Help

Life on the Chesapeake Bay is sweet, but Creative Spaces Remodeling can help make the experience even better. We’re ready to provide you with exceptional service, whether you’re looking to remodel the master bath or your entire home. Give us a call, and follow us on Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, and Twitter for news and updates.


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