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Smart Home Technology Is Changing Our Lives

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Smart Home Technology

Is Changing Our Lives

When you are designing and planning a home remodel project there are many things you have to consider. Smart home technology is changing the way we live our lives. Also known as home automation, it is providing homeowners with security, comfort, energy efficiency, and the ultimate in convenience. Synced up with our smartphones or controlled from a smart home hub, we have the ability to integrate our preferences in an effort to save energy and money. As part of the Internet of Things (IoT) smart home technology devices and appliances can be programmed to work in conjunction with each other. This makes not only a super modern and unique smart home but a streamlined one. The industry leader for smart home technology products is the brand Crestron, whose products can only be purchased through authorized Crestron Dealers or representatives. You may not even realize it, but nearly every aspect of our domestic lives has been touched by these advances, from light bulbs to television to refrigerators, even toasters! And, what’s more, these “smart” devices learn for your usage patterns, wifi ac control can help you save money because of this understanding of your usage patterns. Therefore, they are intuitive and simple to operate. Learn more about what smart home technology is and how and why you should consider such applications.

Examples of Smart Home Technology

Smart Televisions

These smart TVs connect to the internet and allow you employ live streaming services, giving you access to thousands of movies, shows, and sporting events. Some devices also include voice recognition for the television and remote.

Smart Lighting

Never stumble around in the dark again! Not only can you program the light switches and control them remotely, smart lighting systems sense when people enter and leave a room. Further, smart light bulbs have the ability to regulate themselves according to the daylight. Smart lighting, that can be controlled via WiFi, is becoming very popular in many homes. A smart light switch that has got a good review is the tp link. You can view some of the best smart lighting at sites like

Smart Thermostats

One of the first devices introduced into the IoT, smart thermostats are Wi-Fi integrated and allow you to remotely schedule and monitor your home’s temperature. Set schedules for vacations or while you are at work or sleeping. And, products such as Nest from Nest Labs, Inc., learn from your behaviors and modify settings for maximum efficiency and comfort. Lastly, they can provide you with feedback so that you can monitor and adjust energy usage.

Smart Locks and Garage Door Openers

The ultimate in security, smart locks protect your home from break-ins. These smart locks sync up with your phone and can also detect when you are near the door and open automatically. Never worry again about finding your garage door opener, or having to hop out of the car to punch in a code. A smart garage door opener will sense your car approaching and open automatically.

Smart Security Cameras

Monitor your home easily, especially when you are away or on vacation. Additionally, the sensors are able to tell the difference between residents, visitors, pets, wild critters, and burglars. And, can notify the authorities to investigate suspicious behavior.

Smart Pet Care

Automated feeders, treat dispensers, video monitors, even interactive toys provide everything your pets need while you are away for the day.

Smart Appliances

Automate your kitchen or laundry room with everything from coffee makers to refrigerators to washing machines. How awesome is it that your fridge can keep track of expiration dates, make running shopping lists, and even create recipes based on what you have on hand! Monitor your dry goods, even automate ordering so you never run out of your favorite items. Plus, many of these appliances have safety features that sense electric surges or water failures.

Benefits of Smart Home Technology

The beauty of smart home technology is that you can integrate it into your home during the design of a new house or during remodeling. With home automation, utilities are monitored and used more efficiently which helps conserves natural resources and saves you money. Contact Creative Spaces Remodeling today to learn more about how we can help you create a smart home today! As part of our commitment to our clients, we believe in integrity, excellence, and passion from design conception to completion.


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