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Setting Realistic Expectations for Your Remodeling Project

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Setting realistic expectations ensures a positive experience!

At Creative Spaces, we want to be your remodeling therapist, working closely with you to understand your challenges, as well as your vision for the space. That’s why when you decide that you’re ready for a remodeling project; we ask that you set realistic expectations for the entirety of the process. Remember that when you undertake a whole-house renovation, or a room addition, your goal is the outcome: a brand new living space that your whole family can enjoy. Even the simplest remodeling job can turn into a headache for the homeowner, that’s why it’s best for every party to be honest with the entirety of the process from the very beginning.

Don’t Expect Whale Songs

If you can avoid living in your home while it’s being remodeled, please do. You’ll avoid an enormous amount of frustration typically associated with a remodeling project, such as loud noises, contractors in your home, etc. The remodeling process isn’t a series of relaxing whale songs, so if you’re planning on practicing yoga while we perform your kitchen’s makeover please expect the noise.

Take Advantage of our System

We believe that our 10-point remodeling system is a necessary part of enjoying your remodeling system. It’s specific yes, because we want to know that we’re on the same page at every stage of your project. At every stage of our system, you have the opportunity to ask questions regarding your project and you can trust that our answers will be 100% honest. Maintaining an open line of communication means that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting out of the remodeling process.

Be Involved

Help us help you! Make regular visits to the site and call to check in on your project whenever you would like. Your involvement in the project dictates the perfection of the process. This will ensure that you can spot any problems with enough time to correct them, and will allow for enough progress between visits.


Get in contact with Creative Spaces Remodeling, a trusted remodeling contractor, today.  Call us with any questions regarding remodeling projects, or to schedule a thorough consultation. Serving Maryland one successful construction project at a time, a professional home remodeling contractor keeps your goals at the center of our services.

Creative Spaces Remodeling removes the uncertainty and stress of remodeling your home with our proven step-by-step system, developed over owner John Johnson’s 30 years in the industry. You can count on us to be direct, detail-oriented, and flexible from start to finish, to create the remodel that matches your desires and needs.

Award of Excellence – Best Interior Remodel National Renaissance Design Competition Award

Builder of the Year Houzz “BEST OF SERVICE” Award Winner 2014, 2015 & 2016 Member of Remodeler’s Advantage Round Tables

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