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Prepare For Your 4th Of July BBQ Bash By Designing Your New Outdoor Kitchen!


Celebrate this 4th of July with a brand new Outdoor Kitchen!

With warm, summer breezes in the air and the melodic chirping of birds, spending time outdoors should be your top priority. Do you have any 4th of July plans yet? What better way to celebrate America’s founding fathers than with a boisterous neighborhood BBQ hosted in your brand new, multi-faceted, fully furnished outdoor kitchen? Guide your guests and friends through the old backyard frontier featuring a stainless steel smoking grill, gas cooktop, pizza oven, and stocked bar. Entertain the neighbors with a round of your famous margaritas! Design your outdoor kitchen carefully to make unforgettable memories this Monday. Bookmark July 4th, 2016 and celebrate the red, white and blue right with a classic American BBQ.

The Benefits Of An Outdoor Grill

Installing the right grill is crucial to a BBQ done right. What’s a 4th of July celebration without homemade burgers and dogs? Entice your guest’s taste buds with the aroma of smoking all-american beef. Keep the smoke outside to prevent house fires, and get rid of those lingering odors that inevitably accompany indoor culinary preparation. After all, what speaks more to your nationalistic spirit than corralling those medrare cows on your very own sizzling frontier. With the versatility to cook up whatever you’d like, the creative culinary possibilities are endless. Elevate your Independence Day with skewered shrimp kabobs with dill and feta sauce, or buttered corn sprinkled with parmesan cheese and lime juice. If you have vegetarians present, think of the endless grilled eggplant recipes you could come up with. An outdoor grill allows for versatile recipes that will satisfy each guest’s individual taste.

Create Sitting Space With An Outdoor Bar

Adding sitting space around your outdoor kitchen allows you to display your kitchen’s amenities in action. You could even order some outdoor stools to make the grill area look even better. Give guests the convenience of ordering their meal directly from you, while they watch you prepare it. Serve it to them directly from the hot grill. Conveniently prepare 4th of July fare with the added counter space, and provide a comfortable spot for cozy conversations over cocktails.

Adding A Pizza Oven

Keep the kids fed and entertained by setting up a pizza-making station! Occupy them with creative fun as they add their own toppings and watch the dough rise.They’ll love sprinkling their own shredded mozzarella and making their very own personalized pizza. Watch them excitedly chow down on slice after slice while marveling at colorful fireworks.

Making A Memorable National Holiday With Your Own Design Plan

Don’t you want to enjoy the outdoors this 4th of July with your closest friends and relatives? Whether you’re looking for an outdoor addition attached to your home or a covered portion of your patio Creative Spaces Remodeling has your back. With 30+ years in the remodeling business, Creative Spaces will stick with you from inception and design to the thorough clean up phase.

Design your unique kitchen today! Monday is right around the corner. Take a look at our outdoor gallery, or connect with us with any questions, concerns, or curiosities you might have.


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