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Keep Your Lawn Healthy in the Heat

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Keep your lawn healthy in this summer heat!

The Maryland summer is hot, and it isnt over. At Creative Spaces, we hope youre maintaining your lawn in a way that is healthy and productive for you. But you don’t have to do it alone, especially if you have a big garden. With the help of professional lawn care resource management services, you may find that you’ll have the garden your dreams sooner than you imagined! We have a few suggestions to keep your lawn green and vibrant during the remainder of August and September.

Keep it Short (But not Too Short)

It is a common mistake by many homeowners to cut a lawn too short. With the pressure to surround your gnomes with manicured grass, the lawn is cut too drastic, reducing the plant’s ability to produce energy for growth. Your grass roots will grow the equal depth as your grass length. If your grass is shorter, your roots will be shorter too. Therefore, it is better to maintain your lawn at about 3-4 inches. Different varieties of grass have different growth habits, so its important to research which cutting height is right for your lawn. With the assistance of companies such as Reel Rollers, you’ll have your lawn looking fresh and knowing how to trim it properly in no time at all!

The One-Third Rule

Never remove more than one-third of the grass height at a time. By sticking to this rule, the lawn is kept cooler because less plant tissue is removed. Have you determined if your grass is cool season or warm season? Cool season grass types benefit from the summer heat, as long as the blade in your mower is set higher! Be sure to keep your mower blades sharp. You need to be cutting that grass, not tearing it! This helps minimize plant stress during the heat and humidity.

Water Water Water

Your lawn needs at least one inch of water per week, and sometimes more when the heat is severe. By watering deeply and less frequently, you are encouraging drought-tolerant roots that can sustain themselves through the natural lack of rain. Make sure youre watering like this or dont water at all. When you let your lawn go brown from lack of water, it is best to allow it to stay dormant until the fall rather than pumping it with a lot of water at once. The fall weather should bring your lawn back to life!

Weed Weed Weed

There are weeds for every season here in Maryland. It is best to maintain a habit of removing weeds from your lawn as a good and consistent practice as a homeowner. The weeds that populate during the summer months are typically summer annual weeds. These weeds grow rapidly, produce a flower, go to seed, and die with the coming of fall. Many of these can be easily maintained by removing from the roots by hand. When you maintain a thick, lush lawn, wind-blown weeds seeds will have a difficult time populating in the middle of it. Mowing properly and watering will sustain a healthy lawn free of weeds. It would be a good idea to consult with some lawn care companies in california to better understand how you can get rid of weeds.

As the summer begins to come to a close, you may be eager to start your fall fertilization process. Hold off for now! As the heat and humidity persists, early fertilization could shock your grass into unhealthy growth. A little patience now will pay off as the leaves begin to fall.

Give us a call at 410.867.0407 or connect with us on our website, and let Creative Spaces Remodeling help you with your summer projects!


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