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How to Survive A Kitchen Remodel

After a variety of meetings with your designer and remodeler, the kitchen remodel is finally ready to begin.  Although it is very exciting to get started, the actual hard part begins:  Making do without a fully functioning kitchen.  It will be a big inconvenience but think of the rewards at the end of the process!!!--a beautiful, well- functioning kitchen, which will be the envy of your neighbors and family.  You will survive the mess if you do some smart planning upfront.  Here are a few tips to make the construction process go as smoothly as possible.

DESIGNATE A KITCHEN STAND-IN Eating out all the time can get tiresome and expensive.  You need to designate a cabinet or closet to house the few small appliances you want to be available.  A place to make lunches for the children, make a cup of coffee/tea to survive.  Big cutting boards or trays can provide temporary counter tops.  Make sure it is out of the construction zone.  You can outfit a corner in the basement, garage or office with a few portable tables, standalone shelves, storage crates and a few folding chairs.  Set out an area for paper plates, napkins and utensils. Think of your temporary kitchen like a campsite or an outdoor picnic or party spot. The nicer and more organized it is, the happier and calmer you’ll feel during construction.

PARE DOWN THE KITCHEN TOOLS        No matter how hard you try, cooking meals will be challenging.  So, keep meals simple:  Soups and sandwiches; items to cook in the microwave; Keep only a few main cooking tools handy and just plan to make your usual delicious meals once your kitchen remodel is completed.  Stash the essentials close at hand and pack up all the rest for now.  Rather than dreading this, look at it as an opportunity to do some serious spring cleaning. Instead of throwing everything in a bunch of boxes and deferring the editing process to the end, get it done now to make moving back in that much more fun. Separate out what you’ll want to use in your temporary kitchen: knives, coffee mugs, food you’ll eat and even a few wineglasses. Who says you have to drink out of plastic cups the whole time?

PLAN MEALS AROUND SMALL APPLIANCES Portable appliances, such as slow cookers, crock pots, microwaves, toaster ovens, electric griddles and skillets, hot plates and coffee makers can be very helpful when the kitchen is not available.  Have your contractor move the refrigerator to your temporary kitchen.  If it is not possible, invest in a minifridge and a chest freezer.  Also check to see if there are any available to borrow from family or friends.  And don’t forget to also use your grill, depending on the weather.  Need to roast meat or vegetables or bake a pizza—your grill can do almost everything an oven can do.  Or channel your scouting/camping skills with foil-packed meals, pans of biscuits and rolls, skillet pies and cobblers, and of course, there is the best dessert of all—s’mores.

STOCK THE PANTRY WITH DISPOSABLES Since your usual sink or dishwasher will not be available, you will need to get creative.  Depending on what season it is, the outdoor hose maybe available. Also try the bathtub, or a cooler full of sudsy water.  But life would be much easier if you stock up on disposable plates, napkins, cups and utensils.  It will definitely cut down on the stress and inconvenience of the temporary conditions. KEEP A STASH OF NONPERISHABLE SNACKS When you are starving but don’t want to put together a full meal in your makeshift kitchen, keep a supply of snacks handy.  Peanut butter, crackers, dried fruit, canned goods, such as tuna fish, or trail mix can make a quick meal in a pinch. LEAVE TOWN FOR A SHORT TIME If you are considering a vacation or need to schedule a business trip, this might be a good time if you are comfortable with the remodeling work continuing in your absence.  If you are visiting family, you will really enjoy a few home cooked meals!!

REMEMBER THE BIG PICTURE Yes, a kitchen remodel is difficult to live through.  But a short period of inconvenience is worth it in the scheme of things.  A beautiful, new kitchen is worth all the headache.  As you work in your sparkling new kitchen, the temporary hassles will fade from memory.

Creative Spaces Remodeling (Design.Build.Live) Today, if you are ready for the next step in your remodel or need more guidance to get you started, Creative Spaces Remodeling is here to help.  Life on the Chesapeake Bay is wonderful, but Creative Spaces Remodeling can help make the experience even better.  We’re ready to provide you with exceptional service no matter how big or small the job is.


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