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How to Blend the Master Bath and Master Bedroom

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

One of the biggest challenges you might encounter while planning your Maryland home remodel is the space between your master bath and master bedroom. Properly blending the space is necessary to keep the theme throughout your home consistent and make the adjoining area seamless. How can you properly blend your master bath and master bathroom during your Maryland home remodel?

Explore Your Options

Adding a luxury bath to your home is a big project, so you should take your time when deciding exactly what you want to do. Spend time looking through catalogs, portfolios, and even Pinterest to get ideas of what you like. Keep track of ideas that you like and bring them to your meetings with the Creative Spaces team. Pay special attention to designs that cleverly transition from master bath to master bedroom.

Choose Materials That Work Together

The key to blending your master bath and master bedroom during your Maryland home remodel is using similar or complementary materials. If you are using bright shades in one room and neutrals in the other, they will not flow nicely into one another. Make sure that you carefully match together paint color, furniture design, and décor so that the rooms work well together. The material you use for the flooring will also be important, although looking at wet/dry & shop vacuums – – will show you that there are many materials that are easy to clean if you have the right vacuum.

Incorporate Luxury Features

Adding luxury features to your master bath and bedroom is convenient, especially if you are already completing a home remodel. To blend your bath with your bedroom, you can incorporate small luxury features into each room so that the entire master suite is full of elegance.

Maryland Home Remodeling from Creative Spaces Remodeling

At Creative Spaces, we strive to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with every project we complete. We listen to your needs and create a design that will give you the lifestyle you’ve been after! If you’re ready to start the design process, give us a call or visit our website today! Creative Spaces Remodeling removes the uncertainty and stress of remodeling your home with our proven step-by-step system, developed over owner John Johnson’s 30 years in the industry. You can count on us to be direct, detail-oriented, and flexible from start to finish, to create the remodel that matches your desires and needs.

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