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How Can I Prepare my Home for Winter?

Clearing Autumn Leaves from Gutter with Trowel

Ensure your gutters are clean!

Winter is a magical time. Snow falls from the heavy clouds, children search expectantly for Santa, and the fireplace slowly crackles into the night sky. However lovely and beautiful winter is, it’s a harsh season. The strong winds and low temperatures are able to knock down power lines, destroy parts of our homes, and even ruin our lawns. In an effort to keep your home and property safe this winter season, start early, and begin taking preventative measures to keep your home and lawn healthy all year round.

Fertilize Your Lawn

The harsh winter months are the hardest on the grass plant. In order to maintain a healthy lawn, take a few precautions before the temperature begins to drop. First, start with fertilization. Autumn is a crucial time for fertilizing your lawn because this is when the grass plant begins to slow its top growth and begin storing nutrients and sugars for the winter months ahead. Your grass will need fertilizer to stay strong through the cold.

Mow your Lawn

Be sure to raise your mowing height to one-half inch above the recommended height for the summer months. This helps stimulate stunted roots and help the foliage prepare for winter. The clippings should be left on the lawn as a mulch only if a mulching mower can be used. This protects the delicate crowns of the grass plants and provides valuable nutrients for the lawn.

Rake Your Leaves

Raking your leaves isn’t just a way to keep your lawn tidy, it’s necessary for promoting the health of your grass. When the grass is hidden beneath a thick mat of leaves, it doesn’t get receive the sunlight and air necessary for thriving. These leaves increase the risk of dying grass, pest infestation, and even fungus.

Clean the Leaves From Your Gutter

The falling leaves can fill your gutters and clog your downspouts.  This can create water overflowing from your gutters and not be draining down through your downspouts as designed.  This water overflow during heavy winter rains can run down your foundation and into your basement creating another set of problems and headaches.

Maintain Your Outdoor Materials

Clean and dry your patio furniture, then cover with a heavy tarp or store inside the shed to protect from the winter elements. Bring your flowerpots made of clay or other fragile materials indoors, as they can swell and become cracked when exposed to low temperatures. Remove your hose, if attached, and store it somewhere to preserve shape and longevity. Shut off the exterior faucets, and drain the water from the outdoor pipes to prevent any pipe bursts as well!

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