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Green Embodies a Sense of Renewal and Hope

After so many years of white and grey reigning in kitchen remodels, we are now craving a color that sooths. Green fits the bill. Two shades of green, a vivid chartreuse and a soft sage green were named the 2020 colors of the year by Etsy and Behr. In a poll of more than 700 interior designers, they identified green as the most popular color trend during the COVID19 Pandemic. Why green? It lends itself to a wide array of different shades that will fit any type of ambiance you are hoping to achieve. From a bright mint to a soft sage green, there is no shortage of choices.

1. Leafy Green Looks. (Sherwin Williams “Dill”) Think lush green fields and beautiful green pastures. Green is a great way to bring the outdoors in, and it can make a kitchen feel fresh and airy.

2. Minty Mood. Cooler shades of green, such as mint (Clary Sage by Sherwin-Williams) or pistachio, work well in kitchens. Mint Condition by Sherwin Williams, and Ball Green by Farrow and Ball are also two excellent options. They both would look great with white or wooden cabinets and brighten a dark kitchen.

3. Pea Green Pop. Shades of olives, pea greens, or blue greens are popular choices for kitchen cabinetry. Mixing closed-door cabinets with glass door cabinets can add character as well as showcase pieces of art or dishware.

4. Daringly Deep Green. From shades of emerald to a dark forest green (Boreal Forest by Benjamin Moore), you can create a beautiful green kitchen that will brighten the whole room. While green can be gentle and soothing, it can also bring elements of the rich and regal. A deep emerald green island is a rich and powerful centerpiece in this Gothic-style kitchen. The white cabinets are the perfect foil to the dark green.

5. Colorful Cilantro Green. Green embodies a sense of renewal and growth. This wall painted with Cilantro Green by Sherwin-Williams offers a sense of balance to the pops of crisp white in this kitchen design. If you are going to use a stand-out color on the walls, keep the countertops and cabinets a light, neutral color so that they do not overpower each other. This green goes perfectly with brass accents, natural wood tone cabinets and white countertops.

Designs for 2021 are moving toward a rich, soothing and natural palette as we all desire to “get away from it all” during the COVID 19 Pandemic. Green kitchen cabinets create a sophisticated effect that looks both fresh and contemporary. If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen with one of the many shades of green, Creative Spaces Remodeling can offer a variety of cabinetry from low end to custom cabinets. They look forward to building the kitchen of your dreams.


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