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Follow Our DIY Residential Safety Tips For Kids!


Keep your family safe with our residential safety tips!

Working around the house can be dangerous! If you’re doing a lot of renovation work outside, existing structures often house rusty nails, splintered wood, and uneven footing. Walking over wood rotten boards will land you, or your kids, on your behinds when you fall through them.  It’s also summer! There may be holes on your property burrowing offspring decided to call their homes. Developing minds are curious. If you don’t teach your little ones to be careful, they may wind up hurting themselves. Yikes! Your home should be a safe haven for your family. Follow our DIY safety tips to prevent serious injuries and teach your children lifelong safety lessons.

That Outdoor Construction Project Is Dangerous

Your children look up to you. Being like Mom and Dad by mimicking your behavior is a healthy, and often comical, way of interacting with their surroundings. Unfortunately, this presents a problem when you’re working under hazardous circumstances. While working on those outdoor construction projects, always remember to unplug power tools when stepping away to take a phone call. Don’t put that nail gun in the wrong, inexperienced hands. The risk of injury is much greater. To fool proof your workspace, it’s best to keep all power tools out of their curious reach. Even regular tools are sharp and pointed. Someone is bound to get hurt if you don’t keep your tools in a safe space.  If you’re renovating an existing structure such as a deck or fence, discarded rusty nails must be accounted for. Make sure to always bend them over when removing them from old materials. Imagine the tears of excruciating pain when your son or daughter gets a nail stuck in their foot. Ouch!

Watch Out For Backyard Hazards

While exposed to the elements, your outdoor space is ever changing. You’ll need to maintain safety, especially if you have a lot of acreage. Every spring, an influx of animal pests are scurrying around, looking for new homes.  Many of them, for example moles, chipmunks, rabbits, groundhogs etc. burrow underground to protect themselves. If they feel your backyard is a protective paradise, they’ll dig residential holes riddled throughout your property, Therefore, it’s important to cover all holes in your yard to prevent falls and painful twisted ankles. The outdoors is a dangerous frontier, but the risk for injury doesn’t end here.

Be Mindful Of Indoor Risks

While it seems most of the residential dangers are outdoors, there are indoor hazards as well. For example, wiring of any kind poses the risk of electrocution if ill-maintained. Don’t leave ‘hot’ wires exposed, just in case those curious little hands decide to touch them. Also, if you have a work area either in your garage or basement, make sure you keep it clean. Old paint in these areas could be lead based. Ingesting lead is poisonous and deadly. Keep those teething mouths far from these areas. It could mean your son or daughter life so it’s extremely important you follow this tip.

Keep Kids Safe And Call A Home Addition Contractor To Handle Your Outdoor Projects

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