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Does Getting 3 Bids Truly Work?

When having work done to your home, it’s a common knowledge to get 3 bids for any remodeling or construction project. This means that 3 different contractors are going to give you an idea of the project they’d like to complete for you, and the cost of the project. This process has been deemed universally helpful because it helps a homeowner determine a fair price for the project they’ve requested. In the case that the project is a clear-cut request, we at Creative Spaces agree. However, we’ve found with our clients, the 3-bid rule doesn’t quite hold up.

Your Project is Unique

In the case of a project requested by a homeowner that is simple and concise, the 3-bid rule is helpful when determining a fair price. However, our clients come to Creative Spaces because their projects are not cooker cutter requests. Their projects are different and unique to the homeowner. When the project is unique, the 3-bidding rule actually can cause more harm than good. A homeowner is not only going to get 3 different prices from a contractor but 3 different ideas as well.

Encourages Indecision

Every homeowner has a specific idea of how he/she wants the job to be done. Not every contractor is going to understand the needs and wants of the homeowner, so their ideas and suggestions are going to be different. A clean and concise vision could be lost in translation.

Your Project is Put on Hold

Getting 3 separate bids from 2 different contractors is a lengthy process. For a homeowner on a schedule, there may not be enough time to wait to hear back from each contractor. The time spent waiting to hear back from each prospective bid could be spent working on your project. Having your kitchen remodeled? Congratulations! Don’t waste another minute waiting to start your project. Rather, get going as soon as possible.

Our System is the Best

Our 10-point remodeling system meets the needs of every homeowner with a design project in mind. The process is careful and intimate, ensuring that the homeowner’s needs are met. There’s no need to get another bid or opinion from another contractor because our designers and construction experts are here to understand exactly what it is that you want, and to give you the best possible price for your project.

Call Creative Spaces Today!

Take away some of the stress this fall by hiring a remodeling company to revolutionize your space. Get in contact with Creative Spaces Remodeling, a trusted remodeling contractor, today with any questions about remodeling projects, or to schedule a thorough consultation. Serving Maryland one successful construction project at a time, a professional home remodeling contractor keeps your goals at the center of our services.

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