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Details Can Make It Or Break It, Here's How!

When we started planning our home renovation, I focused on all of the big items – room size, siding, HVAC, flooring, appliances, etc.  With my husband being the owner of a design/build remodeling firm, I felt that I knew what was important in these big decisions. But he kept reminding me:  Focus on the details!   I’m talking about the little things that most people may not even consider when designing their project. 

Ask yourself, “what do I want to feel each time I come home or enter a room?”  Or “do I want this to blend in or make a statement?”. Little details can change the feel.  When looking at pictures for inspiration, try to figure out which features draw you to the picture; trim, cabinets, flooring, windows, view, furniture, lighting, space (open or cozy) or color.

Here are a few “little things,” that can make a BIG difference:


In the selection process, I quickly learned that glass is not just glass.  I never knew there were so many different types of glass you can put in your windows and doors to make your home more comfortable. The glass you choose (or don’t choose) is going to play a

significant role here. Whether you need glass to improve insulation, block out noise or filter light, there’s a solution for you. Creative Spaces Remodeling goes through the process of choosing and specifying the glass you want with our window company to ensure the right glass is included in the quotes. Ideally, you would put ‘performance glass' (that’s the industry term for it) in every part of your house. But if your budget can’t stretch that far, prioritize just a few places in your home that could really benefit from some special treatment.


Trim is often overlooked, which is such a shame because it can make a world of difference to a room.  This includes the trim at the base of your walls and frames around your window and door openings. So, first and foremost, you need to know that you have a choice when it comes to trims. Once you’re clear about that and assuming you do want to choose your trim, Creative Spaces Remodeling can show you a wide variety from which you can select.  A friendly word of warning: there are thousands of options available and choosing between them can be a bit overwhelming. An excellent place to start is looking at what is in the Creative Spaces Remodeling showroom and at pictures of beautiful rooms and see if there are any trims that stand out to you!


I am talking about cabinet handles and pulls, and door handles and locks. Now I’m guessing that handles are pretty far down your ‘wish list’ am I right? In fact, I’m willing to bet that most of you don’t even have door handles on your renovating radar.  But think about which door handles you choose as they can make a big difference in how a door looks. CSR can show you a vast selection in the showroom and pictures, and explain the differences in functionality, appearance, and cost.


When I was growing up, fans were 99% practical, 1% pretty.  Nowadays, I think they’re

90% practical and 100% pretty – if you choose the right one.  Think about the room you’re designing and try to visualize what it would look like with a fan.  I find they can make a space feel more relaxed, so they’re perfect for lounge rooms, undercover alfresco areas, screened porches, and bedrooms.  We generally don’t recommend them for kitchens, particularly over food 

preparation areas, but there are situations where a kitchen fan is a perfect touch.  Also, remember that they will someday need to be cleaned, so be practical with placement in high ceiling areas.

Have you considered these little details in your renovation? They may be small but put them together they’ll help make all the difference to how your home looks and feels.


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