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Creative Spaces Remodeling Introduces New Cabinetry Line: Kitchen Cabinet Distributors!

Creative Spaces Remodeling(CSR) is adding a lower-end cabinet stock line called Kitchen Cabinet Distributors(KCD) to help clients with tighter budgets but still maintain the quality standards CSR insists on. KCD cabinets will be available in addition to our current cabinet lines which include: Marsh, St. Martin, and Candlelight. Featured below are photos from a previous project completed by Ric Guy, who was recently hired as CSR’s Kitchen Cabinet Designer. Ric utilized KCD cabinets for his family member’s kitchen design in Chicago, IL.

Design Features:

  • Door style: KCD’s Brooklyn cabinet (full overlay door style) was chosen in the painted finish of Bright White. This cabinet and paint style made the kitchen feel more spacious.

  • Layout: While the original layout could not be rearranged, Ric designed a layout which allowed for more cabinet space. He widened the wall cabinets so that they would be closer to the window and the patio door, which eliminated wasted wall space.

  • Improved Storage Solutions: Ric maximized storage solutions in the base cabinets by adding a corner base lazy Susan and a pull-out spice cabinet.

  • Additionally, Ric repurposed the single wide island cabinet into two cabinets and added a special cabinet for cookie sheets and platters. He also added a baker base cabinet in the island which added drawer storage for knives and cutlery and space for pots and pans in the lower cabinet.

  • Countertop: By saving on the price of the cabinets, the client was able to choose Cambria quartz countertop in the Cambria Black color with a standard eased or rounded top edge (1 1/4" thick).

Creativity on a budget: As KCD cabinets are a lower-end cabinetry line, there are limited insert storage solution options available. However, Ric developed a design to leverage custom inserts from Rev-A-Shelf to optimize and maximize storage. The inserts were custom cut to size and installed by the carpenter.

Feedback from Ric’s client: While Ric’s family member may not be a man of many words, upon viewing the completed new kitchen, he stated, “They are nice cabinets.” Ric felt that if he was able to make this particular client happy with the cabinet choice, then anyone else who views these cabinets, will see the value they bring and be incredibly happy with their choice of Kitchen Distributor Cabinets for their kitchen.


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