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Creative Outdoor Living Ideas: Tranquil Koi Ponds and Cascading Waterfalls


Check out these tasteful water feature ideas for your next landscaping project!

Did you ever have dream home fantasies as a child? What did you imagine your backyard would look like? Was it covered in luscious, home-grown grass with a polished, wooden deck centerpiece? Was there a cozy relaxation area with comfortable wicker furniture surrounding a blazing fire pit for roasting marshmallows on a cool, summer night? Or maybe you fantasized about your very own screened-in hideaway while calming, cascading water from garden fountains fuel your meditative repose. Perhaps you believe in feng shui and imagined multiple bubbling ponds filled with prized koi, tiered and separated by flowing waterfalls that keep those colorful, angelic fish oxygenated. Excite your inner exterior designer with tastefully implemented, expertly designed water features and bring cool, calm tranquility to your outdoor living space this summer.

Designing a Beautiful Koi Pond

A magnificent addition to your home that will bring mystical wonder to the backyard, build your own ecosystem with a gentle, effervescent koi pond. Create your very own natural paradise by placing elegant wrought-iron chairs by your teeming pool and shroud it in bamboo and blossoming lily pads. Sit back, relax and listen to the gently splashing waters as you breathe in the aroma of aquatic vegetation.  Covering the bottom of your pond with colorful pebbles, and stones will make it look more like a naturally formed body of water. Impress your visitors with your very own ecosystem. Your family home should be a comfortable, enjoyable space for welcoming friends and guests. Have the neighbors over to enjoy freshly brewed iced tea while lounging by quietly stirring waters.

Adding Tiered Waterfalls

The bigger your design vision, the better! Versatile sized koi ponds, tiered, and separated by cascading waterfalls will keep waters richly oxygenated, add depth and architectural beauty to your outdoor space, and help submerged aquatic plants thrive. A koi pond not only needs to absorb oxygen from the air, but also must release carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Multiple waterfalls will help with this process. Building a teeming underwater environment is paramount to sustaining your koi pond’s health.

Redesign Outdoor Living With Tranquil Running Waters!

A renovated outdoor space delivers a great place to spend time with those we love, as well as the opportunity for a solid return on investment in the future. Spend the better half of a stressful day cozied up with your favorite book as calm waters lap against your unique vision’s rocky shoreline. With 30+ years in the remodeling business, Creative Spaces help with your koi pond from the inception and design phase to the thorough clean up phase. With a customer satisfaction guaranteed consultation system, your backyard paradise will adhere perfectly to your unique vision.

Take a look at our impressive outdoor gallery, or connect with us with any questions, concerns, or curiosities you might have.


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