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5 Outdoor Lighting Tips to Illuminate Your Maryland Home

5 Outdoor Lighting Tips to Illuminate Your Maryland Home

Outdoor lighting is one of the most important elements that you choose for the outside of your home. If you have beautiful landscaping and hardscaping and want to beautifully display and accent it after dark, outdoor lighting is the best solution. Search hardscaping Charlottesville if you are in the process of starting a cool project. Here are five of our best tips for outdoor lighting to illuminate your home.

Don’t Use Only a Couple Solar Lights

Many people purchase a few solar lights, use them to sparsely line their walkway or patio, and call it a day. Outdoor lighting is not just about the actual lights themselves, but also the manner in which you install them and lay them out. Always make sure that you place enough lights on your outdoor pathways and place them in ways that accent your landscaping on top of serving their functional purpose.

How Do You Use Your Outdoor Space?

Next, consider how you actually use your outdoor areas. Are you trying to use outdoor lighting to make your patio usable for dinner after dark? Are you trying to make your backyard pathway usable after hours? Or, are you looking to highlight some of the striking architecture of your home? Choose the right outdoor lighting to meet your goal.

Cover the Basics

The basic aspects of outdoor lighting include: * Pathways * Entryways * Driveways * Steps * Patios * Trees * Water features * Architectural elements

Use LED Landscape Lighting

LED outdoor lighting is the best choice for your home, as they have a very long lifespan and are incredibly cost-effective. LED lights are also designed with durability in mind, so your outdoor lighting won’t be negatively affected during a storm or other weather event.

Mix and Match

Try to combine types of outdoor lighting for a visually interesting look that meets all of the needs that your home has. Use overall lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting for a beautiful look that adds major curb appeal.

Outdoor Lighting from Creative Spaces Remodeling

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